Festivals for the senses

Lights, colours, music and culinary delights stimulate the senses and create unique and deeply touching impressions. On the Romantic Night at Drübeck Abbey, visitors often come from far away to listen to selected artists decorated with flowers and candlelights to enjoy the special creations of the abbey cooks. The Night of the 1,000 Lights in the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen, the Night of the Senses in the City Park in Aschersleben, Light Festivals in Zeitz, Burg and Ostrau are further highlights for night owls. Of course, the senses are also stimulated during the day - e.g. at the Mountain and Rose Festival in Sangerhausen or at the Abbey Festival in Michaelstein.

Fixed events in 2020:

2. May 2020
Festival of lights at Schlosspark Moritzburg Zeitzn Park

27.-28. June 2020
45. Mountain and Rose Festival at Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

1. August 2020, 18 Uhr
19. Romantic Night at Drübeck Abbey

2. August 2020, 10-18 Uhr
Abbey Festival Kloster Michaelstein Abbey

8. August 2020, 20 Uhr
Night of the 1,000 Lights at Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen