History 20 years Garden Dreams

1999: idea to create the network garden dreams
Initiators: Ministry of Economics and Labor Saxony-Anhalt, Ministry of Culture Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology

2000: Start of the state initiative "Garden Dreams - Historical Parks in Saxony-Anhalt". Selection of 40 parks from over 1,000 garden features.

2001: Development of the monument preservation and tourism concept

2002: Commissioning of monument preservation frameworks

from 2002: Tourist marketing measures

from 2003: Restoration measures in the gardens

2006: Tourist theme year "Garden Dreams" in Saxony-Anhalt

2006-2020: Continuation measures heritage management and tourism, quality assurance and development

2008-2010: 1st evaluation: 8 parks are added, 5 parks are dropping out, now 43 parks

2015-2017: 2nd evaluation: 9 parks are added, 3 parks are out. The Elbauenpark and the Herrenkrugpark are now considered as two single parks: now 50 parks

2020: 20 years of "Garden Dreams"; tourist theme year in Saxony-Anhalt