International garden conference Kitchen- & Market Gardens, 17-19 October 2019 in Wörlitz

International Garden Conference »Kitchen and Market Gardens – Trends and Traditions«
17.–19. October 2019, Wörlitz, Historic Inn »Zum Eichenkranz«
Conference languages: German and English (simultaneous interpretation).

Historic kitchen and market gardens were eclipsed for a long time by the superior grandeur of ornamental gardens and parks of palaces, manors, convents or monasteries. Many of the former have been abandoned or derelict for decades. Nowadays, they are being rediscovered, are visitor attractions and focal points of civic involvement or subject of research projects. At the International Garden Conference »Kitchen and Market Gardens – Trends and Traditions« from 17 to 19 October, such gardens will take center stage in fascinating, inspiring and entertaining lectures given by  prestigious speakers from all over Europe, amidst the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and embedded into a richly varied supporting program.

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18.00–19.30 – Kitchen and market gardens – Trends and Traditions
Conference kick-off with Karl Ploberger Garden journalist, book author, garden tour guide and Natur-im-Garten ambassador, Austria and
Aaron Bertelsen, Vegetable gardener and cook, Great Dixter, UK

19.30 – Culinary garden delights proffered by gARTenakademie Sachsen-Anhalt e. V.


9.00 – Welcome address by Brigitte Mang, Dessau-Wörlitz Cultural Foundation, CEO & Director
            Welcome address by the Saxony-Anhalt State Government

9.30–11.00, Moderator: Brigitte Mang

Jost Albert, Kitchen Garden Network Germany; Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces,  Gardens and Lakes:
»A garden-history introduction to kitchen and market gardens«

Heike Tenzer, Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology:
»Kitchen and market gardens in Saxony-Anhalt – An overview«

Michael Keller, Dessau-Wörlitz Cultural Foundation:
»Utility and beauty – Agrarian reforms and landscape embellishments under Prince Franz of Anhalt-Dessau«

11.00 – Coffee break

Ludwig Trauzettel, formerly Dessau-Wörlitz Cultural Foundation:
»Endeavours to revive historic garden uses in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz (1979 – 2016)«

Kirsten Lott, Dessau-Roßlau, Municipality:
»Historic fruit growing in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz«

Angelika Schneider, Weimar Classics Foundation:
»Goethe’s household gardens – Between market garden and laboratory«

13.00 – Lunchtime snack

14.00–15.30, Moderator: Heike Tenzer

Antoine Jacobsohn, Versailles Palace, France:
»The royal vegetable garden at Versailles Palace«

Niels Mellergaard, Royal Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, Denmark:
»Recovery of the kitchen garden at Gråsten Royal Palace«

Renata Stachanzyck, National Institute for Cultural Heritage, Warsaw:
»The tree nursery at Muskau Park«

15.30 – Coffee break

Andreja Mihelcic Koželj, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia:
»The gardens of the Rebenburg Counts from the 19th century at Sevnica Castle«

Premiysl und Camilla Krejcik, Brno University, Czechia:
»Kitchen garden refurbishment at Valtice/Lednice«

Kathrin Franz, LandschaftsArchitektur FRANZ, Leipzig:
»Monument-preserving refurbishment of Eutin kitchen garden«

Break + Shuttle

19.00 – Close-of-day drink and dinner at Orangery in Luisium Palace, Dessau-Rosslau


9.00 – Welcome address

9.10–10.40, Moderator: Christa Ringkamp

Harald Blanke, Palace and Garden Administration, Hundisburg:
»Arboretum refurbishment at Hundisburg Palace Gardens«

Laurent Portuguez, Villandry Palace, France:
»The kitchen garden at Villandry«

Patrik Sewerin, Gunnebo Palace and Gardens, Sweden:
»Ecological gardening in the kitchen garden at Gunnebo«

10.40–11.10 – Coffee break

11.10–12.10, Moderator: Felicitas Remmert

Brief statements and moderated discussion

Frank Müller, Grammar School, Naumburg:
»Between Idaho Blue and Lila Luzy: School students maintain the Naumburg Cathedral kitchen garden«

Cornelia Jäger, Francke Foundations Halle (Saale):
»From hortus medicus to seedling nursery – The school garden tradition at the Francke Foundations«

Sabine Volk, Saxony-Anhalt Cultural Foundation:
»Knowledge dissemination in the Michaelstein Monastery Gardens«

12.10–12.40, Moderator: John Palatini

Brief statements and moderated discussion

Felicitas Remmert, Garden Dreams – Historic Parks in Saxony-Anhalt e. V.:
»Civic commitment in kitchen and market gardens in the Garden Dreams – Historic Parks in Saxony-Anhalt«

Barbara Winterfeld, Building Association Vintner's Hill:
»Activities of Bauverein Winzerberg e. V. at the Potsdam World Heritage Site«

12.40–13.00 – Summary and Outlook

13.00 Uhr – Lunchtime snack

14.00–16.00 – Whistle-stop tour of Wörlitz Park

Registration fee:

Day 1, Thursday, 17 October 2019 in Wörlitz – Opening of the International Garden Conference, from 18.00: 20,00 €
Day 2, Friday, 18 October 2019 in Wörlitz – International Garden Conference, from 9.00:  60,00 €
Dinner in the Orangery at Park Luisium, 19.00–23.00 (incl. beverages): 35,00 €
Shuttle-Service: Wörlitz — Luisium — Wörlitz free-of-charge
Day 3, Saturday, 19 October 2019 in Wörlitz –International Garden Conference, from 9.00:  40,00 €
Guided tour of Wörlitz Park, 14.00–16.00 free-of-charge

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