37. Bad Schmiedeberg spa park

In 1878, the “Städtische Eisenmoorbad” was founded in Schmiedeberg. As early as 1874, the associated representative park was created as a garrison park. This park has been redesigned and expanded several times. An extensive renovation took place in 2007. Since then, a magnolia grove, a moor and herb axis, a rose garden and a shrub belt have been charming details of the garden. The art nouveau kurhaus from 1907 is a landmark of the town.

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The tradition of the state-approved moor, mineral and Kneipp spa town of Bad Schmiedeberg stretches back to the 19th century. Partly even before the beginning of the spa operations, parts of today’s spa complexes were created as the garrison park. Many of the trees and groves planted at the time are still part of the spa gardens. With the foundation of the “Städtische Eisenmoorbad” (Town Iron Moor Bath) in 1878, the one-time garrison park operated as a recreation area and the garrison building was used for the baths operations. The flourishing health spa business soon made comprehensive investments necessary. Hence, a bathhouse as well as a kurhaus/guesthouse were set up. In 1885, an expansive park was created beside the kurhaus and in 1896 a scenic park section was created directly behind the bathhouse. At this time, the complexes between the old kurhaus, the baths and the sand mill pond were also designed. From 1907 to 1915, the so-called sun park received a significant expansion and the spa gardens reached their current dimensions.

The art nouveau kurhaus, constructed between 1905 and 1907, is a defining feature of the spa centre of the moor, mineral and Kneipp spa town.

In the 1930s, the park was fundamentally redesigned and the division into a scenic park section with curved paths and the formally designed sun park became clearly visible. The 1990s were characterised by extensive construction measures and in 2006/2007, the spa gardens were renovated and expanded based on park plans from 1932, in compliance with the guidelines for historical monuments. In the process, modern design elements were integrated into the historical complex.

The spa gardens are an integral part of the spa services of Bad Schmiedeberg. The park is open to the public. Themed tours as well as music and cultural events are offered.

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