Garden Dreams excursions not only take you to a variety of garden and landscape designs of past centuries. Many palaces and manor houses in the Garden Dreams parks also offer exhibitions and a chance to learn more about local histories, special features in the park, or art and culture.

1. Krumke Palace and Garden

Permanent Exhibition “A Passion for Boxwood”

An approximately 400-year-old boxwood hedge is the hallmark of Krumke Palace Gardens. The exhibition (“A Passion for Boxwood”) is devoted to this popular ornamental shrub. Its place in horticulture, its care and diseases, its propagation, and its use in medicine: These questions and more are answered on the 35 permanently mounted panels with 250 images in the rock cabinet and around the park.

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2. Estate Park and Bismarck Museum Schönhausen (Elbe)

Bismarck exhibition:

Adult: €3,00
Reduced entry: €1,00 (students, severely disabled persons)
Free entry for kids till 6 years

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3. Gardelegen Town Wall

By appointment, you can visit the permanent exhibitions "Hops and Beer" and "Otto Reutter" at the town museum (5 minutes from the park).
Tel.: +49 (0)3907 / 65 19

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4. Tangerhütte City Park

There are occasional exhibitions in the New Palace.

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7. Hundisburg Palace and Baroque Garden, Althaldensleben Landscape Park

Permanent exhibition
of works by sculptor Heinrich Apel and the Friedrich Loock collection of paintings in the historic rooms of the palace
March till November:
Sun. 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Also open to groups by appointment

Historic Alvensleben Library
"Spinning Room"
: information about sheep's wool
Every Wednesday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Tel.: +49 (0)3904 / 428 08

"Forest Discovery Centre": Information and communication centre of the department of Forestry Saxony-Anhalt
Tue. to Fri.: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
Sun. 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tel.: +49 (0)3904 / 66 87 57

Forest experience exhibition, learning tours of the forest and landscape park, training and event facilities.

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8. Parks and Gardens in Burg

Historic Tannery
Opening hours: Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. and upon arrangement

Hainstraße 11-12
39288 Burg
Tel.: +49 (0) 3921/ 984432

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10. Elbauenpark on the Elbe

Millennium Tower with interactive exhibition covering 6,000 years of science and technology history.

Butterfly House with about 200 exotic butterflies (approx. 20 species) from four continents and a wide variety of tropical plants.

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12. Klosterbergegarten on the Elbe and Gruson Greenhouses

The Gruson Greenhouses hold around 3,000 exotic plant species.

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13. Ilsenburg Abbey and Palace Gardens (Harz)

Exhibitions in the historic rooms of Ilsenburg Abbey and constantly alternating exhibitions in the dorter and in the minster.

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14. Drübeck Abbey and Abbey Gardens

Temporary exhibitions in the gallery space of the  ​​Eva Heßler House

Summer exhibition in the historic gardens

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15. & 16. Wernigerode Palace and Palace Gardens

Permanent exhibition in the palace: rooms decorated in the original style of the European aristocracy

Special exhibition area in palace's "Frühlingsbau"

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17. Brockengarden

At the Brockenhaus, there are permanent exhibitions on the history of the Brocken/the Brocken garden, the landscape features of the Harz and the Harz National Park.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.


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18. Michaelstein Abbey and Abbey Gardens

The museum with its three themes – history, gardens and music – can be visited year-round. In addition to the exciting permanent music exhibition “KlangZeitRaum” (SoundTimeSpace) – redesigned since 2012 – and the abbey gardens exhibition “Development-Use-Symbolism”, the museum’s offerings are enriched by special exhibitions.

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19. Blankenburg Palaces and Gardens (Harz)

Large Palace
Permanent exhibition on Friederike Caroline Neuber
Special exhibitions

Small Palace
From 28th of April 2022 permanent exhibition on ancient garden arts in Blankenburg and the history of Welfen, opening hours: see tourist information

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21. Quedlinburg Abbey Gardens

Exhibitions in the palace and the treasury in the Collegiate Church.

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23. Ballenstedt Palace and Garden

In the palace
Tomb of Albrecht the Bear, the palace tower, church, and crypt;
Permanent exhibition "The Early Ascanian Dynasty";
special exhibitions and gallery showings
Tel.: +49 (0)39483 / 825 56 or
+49 (0)39483 / 967 57

Cinema Museum in the north wing of the palace
Exhibition on the history of cinema and film
Tel.: +49 (0)39483 / 532 20 or
+49 (0)39483 / 979 590

Local museum am Schlossplatz
Tells local history with a room devoted to court painter, chamberlain, and writer Wilhelm von Kügelgen, ethnographic department with remarkable collection of artefacts
Tel.: +49 (0)39483 / 88 66

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24. Aschersleben Gardens and Parks

Neo Rauch Graphic Foundation, Riegelbau, Bestehornhaus

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26. Stolberg Palace and Gardens

Explore the Palace with some historical features and a permanent exhibition. Also temporary exhibitions featuring artists from the region.

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27. Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

Cut rose exhibition every 2 years

Special exhibitions on art, nature, and the environment in the exhibition hall of the Rosarium

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28. Köthen Palace and Park

The palace houses a museum with exhibitions on the topics such as Bach, Hahnemann, Naumann, Prehistory, and the "Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft" (“fruitful society”).

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29. Mosigkau Palace and garden

One of the rare, almost completely preserved so-called baroque paintings in Europe can be found in the gallery hall of the palace. Two reconstructed apartments for women are reminiscent of the times of the women's monastery.

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30. Kühnau Landscape Park, Grosskühnau Palace and garden

Nature conservation exhibition in the Weinberghaus.

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31. Georgium Palace, Georgengarten, and Beckerbruch on the Elbe

Fremdenhaus: Graphic Collection of the Anhalt Art Gallery with permanent exhibition on the "Chalkographische Gesellschaft" (“Chalkographic society”)

Special exhibitions in the orangery and Fremdenhaus

Palace (currently closed for refurbishment): permanent exhibition of the Anhalt Art Gallery in the palace, with about 2,000 paintings, the largest collection of old masters in Saxony-Anhalt.

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32. Luisium Villa and Park

Palace museum with original furnishings from the time between 1774 and 1778

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34. Wörlitz Palaces and Gardens

Both the palace and the Gothic House contain museums. The "Haus der Fürstin" (Princess' House)  holds special exhibitions.

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35. Oranienbaum Palace and Gardens

Palace museum with some historic furnishings

Cavalier pavilion: “Haus des Sammlers – TabakCollegium“ ("House of the Collector: Tobacco Collegium")

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36. Pretzsch (Elbe) Palace and Gardens

Art exhibition:
In the foyer of the children and young people’s home, Pretzsch Castle presents historical and contemporary items of regional artists in alternating exhibitions.
Opening hours: 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., admission free

Castle museum:
In the castle museum’s historical permanent exhibition, the history of the building and its occupants is brought to life. Additionally, since 2017, the special exhibition “Löser & Luther” has told of Martin Luther’s relationship with Pretzsch Castle.
The castle museum is entered via the castle café “Eberhardine”, admission free
Tel.: +49 (0) 34926/ 56344

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39. Ostrau Palace and Park

Temporary exhibitions take place on occasion in the palace.

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40. Reichardt's Garden, Halle (Saale)

Near the park is Halle's "Hallesche Kulturmeile“ ("Cultural Mile") with museums, historic buildings, and theatres. Reichardt's Garden includes information about the history and importance of the park.


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41. Amtsgarten, Halle (Saale)

The Giebichenstein Castle is a castle at about 87 m above sea level in the local area of ​​the Giebichenstein district. It is part of the Romanesque Road. On his premises is a part of the art campus of the Burg Giebichenstein Art College in Halle located.

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42. Halle Botanical Garden

Special Exhibitions

The Botanical Garden is a part of the “Hallesche Kulturmeile“ ("Halle Cultural Mile") with its museums, historic buildings, and theatres.

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43. Dieskau Palace and Park

Park trail with installations

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44. Historic Spa Facilities and Goethe Theatre

New Schillerhaus: Theatre and Literature Museum

Exhibition on the history of Bad Lauchstädt as a spa resort and centre for theatre

Special exhibitions in the Goethe Theatre


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45. Merseburg Cathedral, Palace, and Palace Gardens

Cultural History Museum (in the east wing of the palace)
Exhibition about eras of the "Merseburger Pfalz", local history, and prehistory of the Merseburg region;

about 2,000 pieces in an extensive exhibit of historic igniters and lighters (one of the largest public collections of its kind in Europe);

modern African ebony sculptures from Tanzania as well as changing special exhibitions on art and cultural history.

At "Dicken Heinrich"
Ornithological exhibition

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46. Bad Dürrenberg spa gardens

Exhibitions with alternating themes are held at the palm tree and bird house. At the Borlachmuseum, there is a permanent exhibition on salt and saline history.

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47. Baroque Garden and Lansdcape Park St. Ulrich (Geiseltal)

The town information centre, the exhibition “Mücheln as a Gateway to the Geopark Saale-Unstrut-Triasland” and the small museum on the town history on the 1st floor are found in the cultural history centre.

An annually alternating special exhibition completes the information services.

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49. Naumburg Cathedral and Cathedral Garden

Naumburg Cathedral Treasure
The sacred treasures of the cathedral are duly exhibited in about 285 m² in the vaulted undercroft.

Story of the Naumburg Master
An exhibition in the western cloisters recreates the career of the Naumburg Master from France to Germany.

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50. Moritzburg Palace and Park

Permanent exhibitions in the castle
German Pram Museum
Time of the Dukes - Baroque aristocratic culture in Zeitz
Furniture and crafts from the Renaissance to the 19th Century

Special exhibitions on cultural and local historical topics

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